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I'm a Gay Wizard (A Wattpad Novel)

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You do magic once, and it sticks to you like glitter glue...

Gay angsty teen Johnny and his goth best friend, trans girl Alison, spend their summer dabbling in magic.

When they use spells to defend themselves from bullies, they suddenly find themselves whisked away to the Marduk Institute, a school for wayward wizards.

Johnny and Alison must now adapt to a new world of spells, fraternities, and cute boys like Hunter and Blake...

But Marduk isn't as safe as it seems. Johnny and Alison are pulled into a supernatural fight for their lives and must find the strength to battle the monsters lurking in the shadows of the school - and the demons that only exist inside their head.

V.S. Santoni is a Latinx, gay, nonbinary guy who spends way too much time daydreaming. When he isn't thinking up queer dreampunk stories and scouring YouTube for retro-anime movies, he's sobbing to sad, old punk songs with his best friend, a Chihuahua named Darla. He lives in Nashville with his husband. I'm a Gay Wizard is his first novel.


Customer Review


Felt like it was a first draft.

I'm a Gay Wizard is the story of two teenagers Johnny and his best friend, Alison. When I had read the book description of the book, I was intrigued as I haven't come across many books for teenagers that focus on characters who aren't traditionally CISGender and...

by Bee, 29 August 2020


Not a well-told story, but the LGBT+ representation was varied

This book... needed several more drafts. It info-dumped the same information, a lot, and rarely made it memorable, the descriptive language was basic, and it seemed like it was constantly in a rush to get to nowhere in particular. I.. should've known from the prologue what...

by J. Turnock, 7 August 2020


A bit too clumsy

This book could have been better.... writing style seemed a little clumsy. Wasn't an easy read and couldn't quite get through it as didn't really seem to care for the characters. I think it would have been better shorter and as a young adult book

by Jennifer, 25 February 2020

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