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Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil

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OMR 15.167


  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Free from artificial colouring; yeast, dairy, sugar and gluten free.
  • 100% pure sea buckthorn oil
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9

Product Description

Pharma Nord Omega 7 60 Capsules

What is Omega 7?

Omega 7 is a nutritional supplement that is produced using the berry and seed of the sea buckthorn plant. This shrub, originating from the Himalayas, is rich in Omega 7 fatty acid, including palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid. The vitamin A that is found in Omega 7 contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision and mucous membranes.

Why do customers take Omega 7?

Omega 7 offers nutritional support for:

  • Intimate dryness during the menopause
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy immune system
How does Omega 7 work?

Made from the seed and pulp of the sea buckthorn berry via a unique extraction and purification process, Omega 7 contains a range of naturally occurring essential nutrients needed to help maintain mucous membranes. Omega 7 has been shown in clinical trials to have an anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes, reducing redness, swelling and streaming.

Why Omega 7?

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards
  • 100% pure sea buckthorn oil
  • Contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9
  • Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Soy Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free

Untouchable Quality

These days, consumers of food supplements demand and deserve products which work. Products that have clear scientific evidence behind them, with noticeable, measurable and positive effects on health. The entire Pharma Nord range is manufactured to high standards of efficacy and contains natural, carefully sourced ingredients. The guidelines for dietary supplements vary internationally. Many identical Pharma Nord products are prescription medicines in one country and food supplements in another. Our approach is such that our whole range meets medicinal standards, assuring safety and consistency.

High Bioavailability

We all vary considerably in our ability to absorb and utilise nutrients from dietary supplements, also known as a product’s bioavailability. We do not realise this until we try inexpensive or synthetic products made from inferior raw materials. Pharma Nord products have scientific documentation proving that products are biologically active when ingested and throughout their shelf life. We continuously test and improve every product to ensure the highest possible degree of consistency and bioavailability. In addition to external lab tests and clinical trial participation, our lab tests the efficacy and bioavailability of each product batch.

Backed by Scientific Research

The research department in Denmark co-operates with researchers from all over the world, regards to the development and testing of the company’s products. Pharma Nord UK work closely with universities and hospitals undertaking trials into the treatment of specific conditions. Besides the many scientific articles and studies used by Pharma Nord as a foundation for developing new products, and improving or updating those that already exist, the company has conducted over 200 published studies with products of its own.

Blister Packed

No exposure to atmosphere means each capsule or tablet is 100% active.


Customer Review


Good for dry eye syndrome

I found this product very good for dry eye syndrome. I took it for one month then stopped to see what happened. My eyes became dry and sore again very quickly. So I ordered some more and within a day my eyes were less inflamed.

by Jude, 24 February 2019


Easy to swallow

Ive been taking these for about a month, i have just ordered my second box as reading the reviews they take a little while to notice a difference but they do seem to be working fingers crossed. Ive taken a star off the review because they do seem a little expensive, they...

by Amazon Customer, 8 April 2019



Was recommended this as I am in the menopause and it is brilliant, so good the despite the cost I will continue to use. Skin stops itching and stops vaginal dryness. Works quickly too as long as you follow the recommended double dose fir fir st two weeks. Good supplier.

by Tania, 29 September 2013


Worth the money..

Does what it says on the box.Easy to swallow, no real taste and no side effects or horrible after taste like fish oils..

by E.mum., 11 October 2019


Product as described

Product as described. No obvious sign of any wellbeing improvement

by Mrs c, 16 November 2018


Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil

I was recommend this product from my nutritionist do to suffering from dry skin and dry eyes. well with a week of taking these capsule my eyes feels so much better.

by Kindle Customer, 8 June 2020


Sea Buckthorn capsules

Sea Buckthorn oil capsules are great for getting rid of dry eyes, I know it will be a good product, but, I was a little disappointed, to find that you have to take two capsules too equal 1000mg, as other manufactures I have had in the past, each capsule is a 1000mg.

by Jan, 2 October 2015


Very good

I have rheumatoid arthritis I’ve been taking these now for four years find a very beneficial help with a lot of the aches and pains I also have Dry eyes and dry mouth which also helps with these thoroughly recommend them

by Jenny Minshall, 4 August 2020

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