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Bridge Engineering: Rehabilitation, and Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges

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OMR 60.307


The very latest coverage of the enitre bridge engineering process

Written for new and experienced highway engineers, this master resource offers the most complete and practical treatment available for every aspect of highway bridge design, rehabilitation, and maintenance. From initial concept all the way to final contract documentation preparation, Bridge Engineering presents a clear and detailed road map to the entire bridge engineering process.

Keep Up and Comply with the Latest Methods and Codes in Highway Bridge Design, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance

Written to meet the bridge infrastructure needs of the new millennium, the Second Edition of Bridge Engineering has been completely revised to cover all the latest developments in highway bridge planning, design, construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. From initial concept to final contract document preparation, this updated classic focuses on the entire bridge engineering process.

Readers will find unsurpassed information on structures…seismic analysis…project funding… design standards…site survey…bridge inspection…load rating…roadway alignments and geometrics…traffic…safety…bridge management, and much more. This revised edition includes new material on current design codes, the latest maintenance and repair techniques, and state-of-the-art construction practices.

Filled with real-world case studies, powerful computer-aided design methods, and over 400 detailed illustrations, the Second Edition of Bridge Engineering features:

  • New cost-effective and highly efficient maintenance and repair methods
  • The most current AASHTO design codes and ASCE design techniques
  • Complete integration of LRFD and LFD methods throughout, together with examples and problems
  • Cutting-edge design and construction methods
  • SI units integrated throughout for international usage

This Updated Civil Engineering Classic Covers:
* Highway Bridge Structures * Design Codes and Specification * Project Selection * Superstructure Design * Substructure Design * Load Rating * Approaches * Structure Geometric Data * Construction and Traffic * Contract Documents * Managing the Design Process * Bridge Management System

Demetrius Tonias, P.E., is an award-winning author of numerous works pertaining to civil engineering, in general, and transportation engineering in particular. As a member of the Adjunct Engineering Faculty of Union College, Mr. Tonias taught a variety of courses ranging from Bridge and Highway Engineering to Infrastructure Management Systems to refresher courses for the E.I.T. and PE professional licensing examinations. In addition to engineering design experience, Mr. Tonias is an accomplished software developer with extensive experience in the development of civil engineering computer applications.

Jim J. Zhao, P.E., Chief Bridge Engineer with Nolan Associates, Inc, (Ellicott City, MD). In charge of bridge design and overall project management. Mr. Zhao is experienced in design, teaching, and research in structural engineering and serves on the ASCE-ACI joint committees on "Concrete Bridge Design" and on "Prestressed Concrete Design." He is also the President of the Structural Engineering Institute, ASCE Maryland Chapter. Is the author of two books on Bridge Design and one on Risk Management.


Customer Review


Not a typical textbook

I am a bridge engineer, and I was in the market for some textbooks that I could use for references at work. I purchased this book and a few others. It is a comprehensive text covering a broad range of topics related to bridge engineering, far more than your typical...

by Big Ry, January 5, 2014


Day before

I'm so happy with the time and product. I definitely buy another product from them. I used and it was fantastic.

by Fer, January 21, 2012


very thorough

This is a very good, comprehensive book regarding basic bridge design. It won't help you design the next Hangzhou Bay Bridge, but it gives good explanations regarding the fundamentals of more typical bridge design, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

by jordanrh0918, September 27, 2010


Outstanding Undergraduate Text for Bridge Engineering

This book is excellent because of its wide range of coverage; it is easily accessible by any civil engineering undergraduate student who has had one or two courses in structures, yet it does justice to a vast topic. In addition, it covers topics that go well beyond...

by S. J. KURTZ, May 18, 2007

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