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Build a Universal Coil Winding Machine

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If your hobby is amateur radio or electronics you will often need coils in a variety of size, type, specification, etc.. Coils are no longer as easy to find as they were 20 years ago so you will have to wind your own.

With the help of this simple yet detailed manual you’ll quickly build a machine that can wind universal and honey comb coils, single layer and multi layer solenoids, close wound and space-wound coils, and pi-spaced coils such as those used for r-f chokes and transformers. And the mechanical counter gives you total control of accuracy.



Customer Review


An Old Art for Radio Technicians

The art and tools required to wind RF coils for old antique radios is gone as the old radios requiring these coils are rare and hard to find. Even harder to find are the tools, coil winding apparartus, parts to bring these old receivers back to life again. This book has...

by Richard C. Blum, August 10, 2013


I do recommend it.

If you are interested in making a small coil winding machine that will make rf chokes and coils, this will do it for you. Typical Gingery stuff - not sophisticated but works ok. This is probably the only one of its kind. I do recommend it.

by John W. Telford, April 11, 2015


Interesting. Gave me some ideas on how to do ...

Interesting. Gave me some ideas on how to do an automated one. Does require a lot of metal bending and cutting.

by Book Nerd, October 15, 2015


Five Stars

I have enjoyed this product very much and has been very helpful.

by Billy, November 10, 2016


Best ever...

Few people have the ability to write instructions well. This author is one of a kind. He can consistently communicate in terms easily understood by a non-engineer.Thanks- A G "Android" Van Osdol

by A. G. Van Osdol, April 15, 2017


Useful, but not "universal"

For those who are wondering about the binding, this book has 24 pages and is the size of a generic magazine, paper bound. Making this gizmo is not a simple project, but you can use it to wind your own coils to spec. You are not going to be able to wind anything...

by mattyd, January 7, 2011


Three Stars

Clear and to the point

by Andrew Parmley, July 1, 2016


good book.

Good book.

by frankie baby studman., August 9, 2015

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