Every Student, Every Day: A No-Nonsense Nurturer® Approach to Reaching All Learners (No-Nonsense Nurturer® Classroom Behavior Management Strategies)

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Product Description

With foreword by Lee Canter

No-Nonsense Nurturers® are educators who build life-altering relationships with students, set high expectations for students, and hold themselves and their students accountable for achievement. Every Student, Every Day shares the lessons, mindsets, beliefs, strategies, and classroom expectations these high-performing teachers use daily to optimally support the needs of every student they serve.

Use this book to implement No-Nonsense Nurturer® classroom behavior management strategies:

  • Gain effective classroom-management techniques and training and create a positive classroom culture.
  • Access companion videos designed to deepen your learning of classroom management.
  • Explore the No-Nonsense Nurturer® four-step model.
  • Understand how to use an empowered mindset to create a positive learning environment, set classroom expectations, and increase student engagement.
  • Complete activities that will help you reflect on your current classroom management techniques and determine next steps.

Foreword by Lee Canter
Introduction: The Need for No-Nonsense Nurturing

Part 1: Examining Relationship-Building Paradigms of Effective and Ineffective Classroom Managers
Chapter 1: Ineffective Classroom Management--Unintended Enablers and Negative Controllers
Chapter 2: Effective Classroom Management--No-Nonsense Nurturers

Part 2: Establishing a No-Nonsense Nurturing Classroom Culture
Chapter 3: Give Precise Directions
Chapter 4: Use Positive Narration
Chapter 5: Implement Accountability Systems
Chapter 6: Build Life-Altering Relationships

Epilogue: Putting It All Together
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"Every Student, Every Day provides a powerful road map for educators to build strong, productive relationships with students and their families. It cracks the code for establishing high expectations for students' success, while providing the essential nurturing and care for student development."

--Errick L. Greene, superintendent, Jackson Public Schools, Mississippi

"In Every Student, Every Day, Kristin Klei Borrero provides the why for change, the tools and resources to implement it, and the mindset needed to maintain it. As a school leader who has leveraged the No-Nonsense Nurturer® four-step model, I can say it is single greatest factor in my school's significant gains in student culture and achievement."

--Meaghan Loftus, principal, Ashley Park PreK-8 School, North Carolina

"Every Student, Every Day illustrates how re-envisioning teacher-student relationships can help engage and empower students who might be alienated by status-quo approaches to classroom management. Especially valuable are the reflections to help readers transform how to imagine, implement, and evaluate their own practices."

--Patrick Camangian, associate professor and department chair, teacher education, University of San Francisco, California

"Every Student, Every Day: A No-Nonsense Nurturer® Approach to Reaching All Learners is a must-read for every teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. No-nonsense nurturing provides the tools all educators need to building life-altering relationships with students and change school culture to ensure high levels of engagement and learning."

--Elaine Georgostathis, No-Nonsense Nurturer coach

"Every Student Every Day is a great read for all educators who work in or out of urban classrooms. I've seen Kristyn Klei Borrero single-handedly change the culture of a staff in a positive way. The way she cares for her students is amazing. This book is a must-read, a how-to resource if you want to promote high levels of learning in your school."

--Stephen Ashford, physical education teacher, East Palo Alto Charter School, California

"Kristyn Klei Borrero could be a new teacher's best friend and an experienced teacher's constant companion. Every Student, Every Day is definitely bedside reading for teachers, parents, and all who to relate to and enrich the lives of today's youth."

--Don Shalvey, deputy director, US Program, Education

"All students deserve classroom environments where high-quality instruction and behavior supports go hand-in-hand. Every Student, Every Day is a useful read for anyone who is trying to create and sustain positive and supportive teacher-student classrooms. As someone who has seen the success of the No-Nonsense Nurturer® four-step model in action, I strongly believe all educators and district leaders can benefit from using it in their schools."

--Eldridge Greer, associate chief, student equity and opportunity, Denver Public Schools, Colorado

About the Author

Kristyn Klei Borrero, EdD, is an accomplished educational leader and coach who strives to make a profound difference in the professional lives of educators. Since the mid-1990s, Dr. Borrero has committed to improving the education of students in traditionally disenfranchised schools, as a classroom teacher, principal, area superintendent, and cofounder and CEO of the Center for Transformational Teacher Training (CT3).

Prior to her work with CT3, Dr. Borrero led the research and development of the No-Nonsense Nurturer® and Real Time Teacher Coaching®, widely recognized as two of the most innovative, transformative professional development programs in education. She is also a noted contributor to national education blogs, trade journals, and news media.

As an education leader, Dr. Borrero spent 1996-2007 spearheading turnaround initiatives for underperforming schools in Oakland and East Palo Alto, California. She propelled schools under her supervision to significantly exceed all state academic benchmarks, organizational fundraising and financial goals, teacher retention rates, and family and student satisfaction ratings.

Dr. Borrero holds a doctorate in education leadership from the University of California, Berkeley.

To read more about Dr. Borrero and her organization, please visit ct3education.com.


Customer Review


Best classroom management guide I know

I've been a fan of this framework ever since I learned about it almost 10 years ago. I'm thrilled that Kristyn Klei Borrero has written this book to introduce more people to this powerful toolkit for improving classroom management. I'd recommend this book to any...

by Matt, January 21, 2019


This is exactly what I have been looking for!

This is the book that I have been waiting for! As I reflect on my years as a parent, teacher, instructional coach, principal, director of leadership development, assistant superintendent of curriculum & instruction, and assistant superintendent of human resources, I have...

by Sid Haro, Former Teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Director of National Leadership Development, Current Educational Consultant, March 3, 2019


If I could turn back the clock! Where was this when i first started teaching!

Where was Every Student, Every Day when I first started teaching! For those of you veterans who have been around a while like I have, this takes the work of Lee Canter to the next level! Grounded in what we know about building well balanced (No-Nonsense Nurturing), high...

by R. Frank, February 4, 2019


Yes! Relationship Building is not just a “buzz word”! It’s time for some No-Nonsense Nurturing!

It’s not a cliché! One of my biggest complaints with educational books is the emphasis on the “what” or the “research” and not enough “how”. Not the case with Kristyn Klei-Borrero’s work. I can pause my reading and try out the strategies for giving precise directions to set...

by Eyka, March 14, 2019


EVERY TEACHER needs "Every Student Every Day"

Simply put, if you aren't a No-Nonsense Nurturer, you aren't giving your students all they deserve. If I had this resource in my hands back when I started teaching, my entire journey would have been different. I have had the honor of seeing this work implemented in...

by Welove Amazon, March 12, 2019


A pragmatic and powerful methodology, delivered with heart...extendable beyond the classroom.

I was first exposed to Klei Borrero’s No Nonsense Nurturing work when I heard the segment about her work with the Charlotte public school district on NPRs “All Things Considered.” I was immediately struck by the methodology's way of striking a balance between being tough on...

by Keith, February 16, 2019


Refreshing and Profound: Why We Need to Be No-Nonsense Nurturers

Klei Borrero’s articulation of why we need this work reignited my fire! She craftily and profoundly makes an argument for why we need to be No-Nonsense Nurturers and how our very effectiveness in this work is at stake without doing so. She describes how...

by Karen D. Smith, December 10, 2018


Absolutely game changing for teachers and students, parents and children!

Far reaching in its cultural impact, yet close and personal in its approach, Every Student, Every Day gives a step by step system for educators to facilitate the success of every student in their classroom while accounting for diversity of learning styles and educational...

by Gretchen Gubelman, December 12, 2018

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