Jed Pool Tools Inc 10-451 Mini Floating Chlorine and Bromine Di, Dispenser

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  • 9-12 Days
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OMR 5.040


  • Holds 1 Inch chlorine or bromine tablets
  • Great for spas and small pools
  • Adjustable dispenser ring
  • Easy to refill
  • Twist cap design

  • Jed Pool Tools 10-451 Inc 10-451 Mini Floating Chlorine and Bromine Dispenser


    Customer Review


    Works Perfectly

    This does exactly what it is supposed to do. We use it for a pretty small stock tank pool, and with the vents closed it dispenses enough chlorine to keep it in good shape. Small enough to be unobtrusive for a small pool and seems solid and well-made.

    by That One Lady, June 26, 2020


    I gave it a star back for being relatively inexpensive

    I used it all last year and it was fine. I just got it out for the season, and the bottom fell off. I assume the chlorine weakened the bottom and caused it to get brittle. It wasn't too expensive though. If I have to buy one of these every couple of years or so, it...

    by Brian, April 7, 2019


    nice adjustable chorinator that floats!

    great priced floater chlorinator for my 6 person spa - unfortunately - even on the lowest setting - 1" tablets only last a few days before they are disintegrated. gonna have to see if 3" tablets will last longer! floats as advertised. easy to adjust and load.

    by Russell R. Herman, July 2, 2018


    works fine

    i've had this for about 6 month and no issues. it works well. as other reviewers noted, it is smaller than a typical cloating tablet container, not near as many 1" bromine tablets fit in here. but i check my water once/week and the tablets last at laast 2 weeks so i...

    by jim, January 30, 2014


    Must buy!

    This floaty is perfect for my inflatable Intext pool. Highly recommend this to maintain your pool clean.

    by Amazon Customer, July 21, 2020


    Practical and well made

    I use this in my small steel-frame pool. It can hold more chlorine tabs than I need, which means that if I upgrade to a larger size pool, I can still use this float. It stays sealed well and has 3 different chlorine-release speeds.

    by PhD Mom, June 28, 2020


    At first i thought it was cool because it would hold twice what my old unit ...

    I was expecting something with an adjustable feature which would allow me to regulate the introduction of chlorine to my hot tub. The plastic body is so thin, and the adjustment window is so fragile that, even on the lowest setting, it dissolved all of the tablets in just a...

    by Jim Morrison, October 18, 2014


    Works great in my 70x75x29 Intex inflatable pool

    Works great in my 70x75x29 Intex inflatable pool. I use with Bromine 1inch tablets; on low flow setting (only one notch opened).

    by My take..., December 31, 2014

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