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Step2 Clubhouse Climber

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 21-40 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 18-December to 06-January.

OMR 11736.875


  • Dimensions: 70.00" H x 137.00" W x 91.50" D | Weight: 197 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 240lbs | Limit 4 children | Recommended Age: 2 - 6
  • Elaborate playset rests securely on the ground for easy placement
  • Elevated clubhouse and lookout tower each have dual windows and their very own slides
  • Fun details include a skylight and rotating steering wheel
  • Easy entry steps have sure-grip rails for safe climbing
  • Multiple lower-level tunnels make for crawling fun and hide-and-seek adventures

  • Product Description

    Kids will enjoy hours of outdoor fun and adventure with the elaborate Clubhouse Climber by Step2. Chock-full of features and details, it will continue to surprise and delight your little ones for years to come! First, they’ll climb up the stairs using the sure-grip rails and find themselves in the upper-level clubhouse where they can twirl the steering wheel, look out of two windows, gaze up through the skylight, or exit via the sliding board. Or they may decide to stroll across the gated crossbridge instead, taking in the view before getting to the lookout tower where they can again peek out through two windows or slide right out. For the more impish ones, they’ll find themselves creeping and crawling through the lower-level tunnels for a giggly game of peekaboo or hide-and-seek. The choices are many, the excitement never ending! Made in the U.S.A. with some imported parts. Adult assembly required.

    From the Manufacturer

    A complete off the ground playhouse with climbing, sliding, and hide & seek fun! It features a skylight, windows, two slides, bridge, lookout tunnel, and steering wheel.

    Rotating Steering Wheel Just imagine the fantasy scenarios your kids will enjoy at the helm of a turnable steering wheel. The captain of a pirate ship? An astronaut flying into space? Or the driver of a floating castle, perhaps? Safety Features Kiddos will safely make their way into the playhouse by climbing a ladder with non-slip steps and grabbing a set of sturdy hand rails for booboo-free entries. Lots of Windows No claustrophobia here. Kids will enjoy plenty of light and sky views with multiple lookout windows and a skylight that takes pretend play to a whole new level! Roomy Crawl-Thru Tunnel Kids will find the roomy crawl-thru tunnel underneath is the perfect getaway for hiding and playing, with many exit strategies through which to escape! Physical + Motor Skills Climbing activates both upper and lower body strength, and helps build fine motor skills with the gripping motion. Plus, the excitement of being outside and running around a playset does a kid’s body good! Critical Thinking With each movement, kids have to evaluate where they are and where they should reach or step next. And, each climbing “route” is a new challenge kids need to overcome. Language + Social Skills Climbers are great for many kids to play together with the open design. When kids play together, they communicate with each other as they take turns. They also learn critical skills like patience and sharing, and new words like “step”, “climb”, and “slide”. Creativity + Role Play Getting outside to play breaks their usual routine, allowing them to open their imaginations. Playing together helps kids to work out storylines and learn to improvise based on what someone does or says. Play Together! Pretend Play: What will your climber be today? From pirate ship, to airplane, cruise ship, and more, there’s so many ways to get creative! Start the conversation with your little one, and build on their story as they climb, slide, and steer in their make-believe world.Make sharing the clean-up responsibilities fun with your little one. Putting yard toys away in the storage area when playtime is over will help foster good habits, show an example of teamwork, and a bonus in motor skill development!

    Customer Review


    Great Purchase, Great size for kids to grow with!!!

    Excellent play set for kids!!! It took about 3 hours to assemble, the instructions were very vague, but the pictures helped. The play set is well constructed, both my wife and I were on it with our daughter (not at the same time) and there were no issues. You will...

    by LD, April 15, 2017


    Expensive but worth it.

    We were looking for a toddler playset/slid combo but there is either the small/cheap ones or this expensive big one. Well Amazon had it for the best price even when step2 had it on sale for Easter bc Amazon had free shipping. It took a little over two weeks to arrive at a...

    by Casey, April 2, 2018


    Good quality, but not really big enough for larger/older kids

    We got this for our son last year when he was almost one-and-a-half years old. He's now two-and-a-half, and has pretty much outgrown it, although he is uncommonly tall for his age (39-40" tall). He can't go through the entrances without ducking his head, and at his...

    by Timothy J. Drozinski, June 24, 2018


    Awesome purchase.

    Awesome purchase.. my kid loved it! He is in love playing with his new playground.. I'm so happy that I got this for him I don't have to worry anymore to go to the park and chasing my kid to avoid any accident due to oldest kids playing in a toddler area! A++++

    by Brenda Romo, October 27, 2016


    Not great. Not terrible.

    I was pretty disappointed when I received this clubhouse. First, the instructions were absolutely terrible. The parts were labeled on paper, but not on the actual parts! To top it all off, they were NOT written in English. I am usually really good at assembling products....

    by randomprincess, April 25, 2018


    Your toddler is going to love it!!

    This is perfect for my 2 1/2 year old. For the first two weeks he cried every time it was time to get back inside. He would wake up saying "playground mommy?". I love it because it is not too high that I would feel worried about him falling out of. We did put...

    by Isabel, April 7, 2017


    must have

    Awesome my son loves this and shipped quickly

    by Hay and Ana's Mom, May 14, 2015


    Hunk of plastic, overpriced

    It is a $700 hunk of plastic. In theory it is fun. In practice my daughter is not impressed. I doubt she will use it more than a dozen times, so I would not recommend it unless it is part of a larger play area with multiple toys. Set up instructions are pretty...

    by Lightfoot, May 6, 2020

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