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Half Polished Half Natural Kudu Horn Shofar

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 21-40 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 06-November to 25-November.
OMR 32.908

  • Stunning and elegant, this gracefully spiraling Shofar is made from the horn of a kudu, an African species of antelope.
  • Featuring a beautiful half-polished finish, this majestic Shofar has been smoothed and buffed to a brilliant shine along the horn’s inner curve and mouthpiece, while the exterior has been left in its natural state.
  • Displaying natural shades of brown, black, and tan, this marvelous horn would make a great holiday gift for the High Holidays.
  • Made in Israel according to the Yemenite custom and certified Kosher for religious use.
  • Because this horn is made from organic material, the product that you purchase may come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

Celebrate the High Holidays in style with a stunning Shofar that you can enjoy using for many years to come! Traditionally crafted in Israel according to the Yemenite custom, this shofar is made from the horn of an African kudu antelope, which is famous for its long, gracefully spiraling horns. Featuring a gorgeous, half-polished finish that enhances the horn’s earthy colors while preserving the organic beauty of the horn’s natural ridges, this incredible horn is breathtaking! Capable of producing a deep, melodious sound, this exceptional Shofar is perfect for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and will make a great gift for any occasion! This Kudu Horn Shofar comes from Israel and was certified Kosher by the Israeli Rabbinate after being tested and checked. Please note that the size is measured around the outer edge of the bend in the Shofar.


Customer Review


Five Stars

I ordered this because we are living in end times and I wanted to sound the shofar as scriptures in Joel 2 instructed. When it arrived, I was so excited, it came over here very quickly, considering it came from Israel. It is...

by Amazon Customer, Mara, October 29, 2017



I am leaving a lengthy review of not only my purchase experience but also I will give tips on learning the shofar as well as a history of it down below. while it may not sound good at first my review is actually a positive experience from the spiritual aspect not...

by Reviewer, January 29, 2020


This is the most beautiful Shofar I have ever seen

I have been praying for GOD to make a way for Me to have a Shofar. I have seen these Shofar's priced at $450. and more. I took a chance and ordered this Shofar. This is the most beautiful Shofar I have ever seen. Everytime I look at it I am filled with joy &...

by Yvonne Pina Silva, February 28, 2018



Very large, ordered 40-42 inch and was not disappointed. Beautiful sound! Can do high and low pitches. I am not great at blowing, but can still easily get a good sound out. Smell is typical and really not that bad. I have to stick my nose in it to even tell it is there....

by Ray, August 12, 2019


Great Product!

Great quality product! I highly recommend it. I would love to acquire a much longer one but I cannot afford it.

by Daniel, June 5, 2019


This is a beautiful shofar - it was half polished smooth with a ...

This is a beautiful shofar - it was half polished smooth with a mirror reflection - and the other half of the side was rough and still retained the bumps and ridges of the raw horn. This shofar has a nice low note it can hit compared to the other shofars I have played - but...

by Jordan, July 6, 2016


What's not to love?!?!

I'm am amazed at the quality and sound that came out of this shofar! If anyone is skeptical because of the price, take it from me, this shofar is well worth if not far exceeds the price! I was able to get a beautiful sound the first time I played it. Well rounded mouthpiece...

by Stacy L., September 3, 2018


Shofar so good kudu no better then this!

I love this kudu horn it arrived on time, packed with great care, and cannot wait to learn how to play it. I would buy this again from this dealer. So yes they have a odor, and the way I got rid of it was easy. I plugged the mouthpiece and filled it halfway with hydrogen...

by Gamesplainer, July 14, 2016

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