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Natural Ram Horn Shofar with Curved Top and Ridges

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    • 4.2 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 21-October to 25-October.
OMR 11.105

  • Please note that each shofar is unique due to the nature of the product, and that your shofar may vary slightly in color and shape from what you see in the image.
  • Made in Israel
  • Ram's horn
  • 12" - 14"
  • This large natural Ram Horn Shofar features shade of brown and white on its body and has a rough unpolished surface that exudes rustic beauty.

As like any other Shofar - a technique is required in order to create a sound Please search online and see a video about methods to blow a shofar before claiming there is no sound coming from it when you blow.


Customer Review


Great starter or personal piece.

A great starter or personal shofar. Plese remember that this is a real ram's horn and not a mass produced toy. The shape will vary, the hole will be oddly shaped and it will smell lile it came from an animal - because it did. When you get it, boil it in a pot of...

by JXStarr, September 11, 2018


I love this shofar

I love this shofar! I know it is based on an individual basis of getting a shofar, but based on the one that I was able to buy,.. it's beautiful. In a linear fashion, it's roughly around 10 inches in length, and with the curve, it's a further measurement of 15 inches. It...

by Jacob, September 20, 2017


Feel like I get the shofar rejects and no quality control

The first shofar I bought sounded great but had some defects in the crafting. Bought several others and all the other shofars did not sound great. Some just didn't make the cut at all. I feel like I am buying the rejects from the shofar factory and when I went to buy 20...

by Robert M. Sawin III, February 6, 2019


I was worried because I expected an evil smelling non-functional horn - but it sounds great - I'm so relieved

It worked!! I was worried because I expected an evil smelling non-functional horn - but it sounds great - I'm so relieved!

by Susan Novalis, November 5, 2017


Different than trumpet but makes a good clear sound

This is a couple inches shorter than I thought it would be, but I guess a lot of shofars are even smaller. It has a *very* different mouthpiece than a trumpet! From trumpet playing, my lip has a sort of callus in the middle (like Louis Armstrong had) but using a "side"...

by Amazon Customer, September 1, 2020


16 3/4 inches of beauty

This Shofar is a thing of beauty!! Very clean and zero smell. I'll be proud to blow this one and show it to my friends.

by Jeff, December 11, 2018


My VIKING perspective

Out of the box, it plays VERY well. It is highly polished. Comes with a gold sticker "made in Israel" with more company info. Overall I say this is an amazing war-horn. Im not a Jew, I am a VIKING, and I will be blowing this at 9:00AM sharp every morning before...

by BD, April 29, 2017


Nice starter horn -

Purchased two and both fine. A bit smaller than I anticipated; but real ram's horn. Can only get a single sound out of it .... hole is NOT centered very well in either horn ... great appearance though; nice texture and semi-polished. NICE STARTER...

by Just Mike's Opinion, April 15, 2018

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