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The Rag Company - Creature Edgeless Auto Detailing Towels - Professional 70/30 Blend, Dual-Pile Plush Microfiber, Buffing & Polishing, 420gsm, 16in x 16in, Black (10-Pack)

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    • 4.8 stars
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  • Get it to Oman by 21-October to 25-October.
OMR 17.953

  • ☑️ 10-PACK of EDGELESS, TAGLESS, 420 gsm, Premium 70/30 Blend Professional Microfiber Towel With Over 350,000 Fibers Per Square Inch For A Scratch-Free, Lint-Free and Swirl-Free Finish Through Hundreds of Uses
  • ☑️ EXCELLENT FOR: Waterless Washing, Quick Detailing, Wax, Compound, Sealant, Glaze, and Polish Removal; Polishing Chrome, Wheels, and Other Shiny Metals - Totally Paint Safe
  • ☑️ PERFECT CHOICE for Use with All Quality Detailing Sprays, "No Rinse" Products, Waxes, and Polishes - Your Final Buff Never Looked So Good!
  • ☑️ DUAL-PILE DESIGN: One Side with Long, Soft, Thick, Fluffy Fibers For Exceptional Buffing and to Safely Remove Any Loose Particles, and a Tighter Short Terry Weave Side With Exceptional Waxing Power to Quickly & Easily Remove Excess Detailing Product
  • ☑️ AMERICA'S PREMIER MICROFIBER Products Manufacturer / Distributor Since 1999. THE RAG COMPANY - Always The Better Value!

Extremely Durable

Effective Choice


Dual-Pile Construction

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EDGELESS DETAILING TOWEL VALUE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! Our New Professional Grade 420gsm Microfiber All-Purpose Detailing Towel is the answer to the numerous requests we've received to create a value-priced, high-quality edgeless towel for customers that don't necessarily need our top-of-the-line, best-selling EAGLE EDGELESS Korean quality towels.

The Rag Company

America's Premier Manufacturer and Distributor of Microfiber since 1999

The Rag Company is a family-owned, woman-owned business proud to offer great quality, value, and variety.

All products are proudly designed, packaged, and distributed in the USA.

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Customer Review


I thought these were great until...

I used to think these were great towels and I bought a whole bunch of them. Lately I've noticed they have been linting terribly all over my truck. I can especially see the lint on the glass. It's like the fibers are stuck on the paint like fiberglass insulation. They...

by Tul9033, February 20, 2021


Best towel for detailing

As an OCD car detailer and car-show-junky, I have used many different towels for detailing over the years. What makes these so good are the facts that they do not have tags nor edges on them. I have used these towels for a couple of years now on my Corvettes and other...

by Drew Kraus, July 10, 2019


Don’t buy the black ones! Or wash them by themselves.

Love the product. The rags themselves are awesome. They do their job well and really nice to work with. However I bought the black towels, and they bled all over my other towels making the entire load dingy and ugly. I really wished I had gotten a different color....

by JasGrant, June 27, 2020



Asked a local reputable detail shop what they used to dry and wax their vehicles - they recommended "creature cloths" on Amazon. I picked up a pack of these a few months ago and just reordered more last week. They're AMAZING. The lack of seams mean no fear of scratching...

by David, February 2, 2019


Hate these towels - Don't absorb water well and difficult to handle when folded

After using these for well over a year, I've decided I hate these particular towels. Why? First, they don't absorb moisture for @#!%. So when I try and dry my wheels, it just seems to push the water around more than absorb it. Second, trying to do anything with these when...

by R. EARLS, July 9, 2017


Soft - Perform Great - Make Washing My Car Simple

These are soft and clean extremely well. I use these to clean my wheels, wheel wells and exhaust tips. I learned using certain colors for specific areas will keep you from scratching your paint or transferring wax into your soap or oil/grease onto your paint or glass. I...

by TBuff, November 24, 2017


These Rags Work Great

My favorite rags to use on my ceramic coated truck.

by Amazon Customer, September 24, 2020


Lint everywhere

Lint city. Tried to use these for removing polishing residue and application of ceramic coating. Both left lint all over the place that took a lot of effort to clean up. I bought two packs of these based on the recommendations. They're now in the trash. Save your money.

by CM Cyr, September 26, 2019

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