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Queasy Drops | 3 Pack: 21 Drops Each | Nausea Relief (Chemo, Motion Sickness, Hangover etc.) | Drug Free & Gluten Free | Five Flavors: Green Tea with Lemon, Ginger, Raspberry, Banana & Cola

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    • 4.5 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 21-October to 25-October.
OMR 9.416

  • Say goodbye to a queasy and upset tummy!
  • Completely natural and drug free and 100% safe for toddlers, kids, adults, elderly persons and pregnant moms.
  • Contains powerful essential oils and plant botanicals proven to relieve nausea.
  • Three (3) containers of our powerful lozenges; 21 lozenges per container; infused with nausea-relieving essential oils of sour raspberry, ginger, natural cola, banana and green tea with lemon
  • Makes a great companion for the car, airline travel and the amusement park; also provides big relief for those undergoing chemotherapy or post-surgery and anesthesia.

Casual name, great product! Its a good thing that we have a sense of humor! Yes, many people believe that our products named Preggie Pops Queasy Pops; could not possibly come from a serious background. Believe it or not, Preggie Pops were conceived and developed by health care professionals! In our line of work, we are daily witnesses to how debilitating nausea can be. We also came to realize that not every nausea remedy works for every person or situation, and that many people would prefer not to take a prescription if they can avoid it. We found that a lot of our patients wanted something With all that in mind, we did some research into natural pharmacologic agents, reading through the available literature (both scientific and non-scientific), talking to numerous other health care professionals from a number of disciplines, and most importantly, talking directly to nausea sufferers. Many patients were willing to share their favorite home remedies, and through time and research, we were able to determine which ones really work. We discovered which herbs are truly helpful, and developed flavors that would be appealing to anyone with a queasy stomach. As healthcare professionals, we have dedicated our lifes work to helping people in need. Our friends in the field have welcomed our natural products as an alternative therapy for their patients, and the feedback has been great! From traditional practitioners to the holistic and wellness communities, there seems to be a universal market for a flavorful and simple remedy that makes life a little easier during nauseous times. We are thrilled to offer our customers a tasty way to ease their nausea and help them through difficult times.Enjoy; Feel Better!!


Customer Review


Really Helps

My coworker was going through chemo so i made a little gift basket for her and these were one of the items included. She said they were incredibly helpful and she actually never once “got sick” during chemo. She told me she used one of these anytime she felt nauseous and it...

by Jen W, January 20, 2019


Mom's security blanket during chemo

My mom has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy since July. At 70+ years old, it was a significant change in her lifestyle, and she has basically become dependent on these candies to help her through the nauseated effects from the chemo. Also, when she underwent her...

by GoGoTrekker, November 2, 2016


Great flavor, a few drawbacks for helping sudden morning sickness

First of all, the flavor of these is great. This is one of the better flavors offered by this company, I think. Also, they really do help! However, I found them to not be quite fast-acting enough for my worse-than-average morning sickness. Instead, I recommend the...

by J. Williams, June 24, 2016


Not a good variety

I just received these today. I’m on dialysis for kidney disease/kidney failure and in need of help for my nausea. I was excited about trying these. I bought 3 containers and only recieved6 raspberry and six cola the rest seem to be ginger and green tea. Very disappointed...

by heidi, April 4, 2019


Helpful Relief While Going Through Chemo

These really helped ease some of the nausea waves while going through chemo. They are much more palate pleasing than some of the ginger alternatives. If you or a loved one is going through chemo it's worth a try. They really helped me but I had a friend that didn't find...

by Amazon Customer, February 7, 2017


These really work!

I used these all through chemo (also used the lollipop version, which is equally good, but the lozenges are a bit more convenient). I had prescription nausea meds but they took a bit to kick in, so these were wonderful for almost-instant relief. I also keep them on hand for...

by laurelei, November 13, 2019


Tasty, but expensive and ineffective

I suffer from chronic nausea and I try to use my prescription nausea medications as a last resort. I wanted to give these a try since some other remedies have provided me with some relief. I was not expecting to feel 100% better, but any noticable decrease in nausea would...

by Wendy, August 20, 2019


These really do work!

I really wondered if these really work. I was putting together a basket of helpful items for my niece. She was to undergo chemo and knew the nausea would be bad. She saw these candies and didn’t say much. A few weeks later she told me she had to find out where I got them....

by Charlene D., November 27, 2018

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