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Wowlife Clear 5ml/10ml/8ml/15ml/20ml/30ml/50ml White Plastic Empty Squeezable Dropper Bottles 50 Pcs Eye Liquid Dropper with Caps (5ml)

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OMR 8.283


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Material: PET/LDPE
  • Can easily be sterilized
  • Quantity: 50pcs
  • Great for solvents, light oils, paint, ear drops, essence, eye drops, saline, etc.

  • Product Feature:

    Can be used to dispense and store most liquids
    Can easily be sterilized
    Material: PET/LDPE
    Cap: Childproof cap
    Dripping speed: dropper can be well controlled liquid dripping
    Great for solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarettes, eye drops, saline, etc


    Capacity: 10ml/5ml/20ml/8ml/15ml/30ml/50ml
    Quantity: 50pcs/bag

    Package Content:

    50x Plastic Dropper Empty Bottles


    Customer Review


    Some of the caps have started to split.

    At first, these worked excellent for what I was using them for (Acrylic paints from Games Workshop.) However, about 12 of the caps have started to split open, letting air into what was supposed to be the sealed cap. I know I didn't pay a lot of money for these, but I didn't...

    by MaryDragon, January 2, 2019


    Great for decanting Citadel paints.

    I purchased these to decant my Citadel paints into more cost effective dropper bottles. They work perfectly, and I will definitely be buying more in the future.

    by AJ, April 9, 2018


    Perfect for cutting weight while hiking.

    These are perfect for what I was using these for! I wanted some containers to put soap and toothpaste in for overnight hiking to lighten weight. This was perfect. I gave a bunch away to some friends and they have enjoyed them as well. I am certain I will not run out any...

    by Jessica Butler-Squires, August 14, 2017


    More than a half of these have tiny holes on the bottom.

    More than a half of these has holes on the bottom. You can only notice is it you gently squeeze the bottle. So it was quite a surprise when I transferred a paint into one of these, capped it and decided to shake it. My work-space was sprayed with the paint. Do yourself and...

    by Rogi Vonasur, June 2, 2019


    If you travel, you need these.

    I used these to store makeup and skincare for an international vacation. Worked GREAT. no leaking, and no issue getting through TSA. I don’t think you could re-use these many times for thicker products like foundation (because of the smaller size/difficulty cleaning) but...

    by Erika Stiles, June 15, 2019


    I'm using these to store mixed acrylic paints and they work great for that

    Bought the 5ml size. I'm using these to store mixed acrylic paints and they work great for that. Some of the paints are thinned nearly to water and they don't leak. I have noticed some bottles squeeze drops out easily while others need a little more force but none came...

    by Karen Dunn, February 27, 2017


    Lost money using these

    The lids split if screwed on too tight and by too tight i mean a teeny tiny bit too tight also if the lid isn't on too tight what ever you have in the bottle leaks. 11 paints wasted because of these. $7 per paint color, Thats $77 down the drain.

    by Kori, May 4, 2019


    Great for miniature painters

    I got these in 15ml and 30ml to use for my custom paint and wash mixes for my miniatures. The 15ml bottles are also just the right size to fit a standard Citadel paint pot if you'd rather us a dropper style bottle instead of their normal paint pots.

    by Nevermore, January 9, 2020

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