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ProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning - Unlimited Free Replacements - Pro Grade is 3X Faster for Leaf, Insect, Small and Large Debris Cleaning – 19.5"

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 02-December to 06-December.

OMR 22.047


  • 100% "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If any portion of this professional grade, heavy duty, pool skimmer net ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire pool rake as per manufacturer's lifetime product warranty (Commercial users: Lifetime 50% Off Replacements).
  • 3X FASTER & INFINITELY CHEAPER - Enjoy more time using and less time cleaning your pool or pond with highly efficient pool cleaning tools from ProTuff. Also, with our lifetime UNLIMITED FREE REPLACEMENT guarantee, you'll never spend another dime on a pool rake. How much will that save you over the life of your pool? Our Amazon reviews are clear. We stand behind our warranty, so this REALLY is the last pool rake you'll ever buy.
  • SUPER STRONG ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME won't bend, twist or break under load. Tightly secured within "winged" handle for additional stability. Our swimming pool leaf catcher handle easily connects to a standard size telescoping pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. Keep your swimming pool cleaner with ProTuff swimming pool cleaning tools.
  • DEEP, DURABLE, ABRASION RESISTANT, DOUBLE-STITCHED NYLON POOL BAG is stronger and more abrasion resistant than double layer polypropylene catcher netting offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability. This leaf skimmer net resists mold and mildew well, maintains it's integrity and handles big swimming pool cleaning with ease. Medium mesh size will filter out leaves, insects & small debris, but doesn't quite "plug the door" on silt and very small particles.
  • LONG LASTING, HEAVY DUTY, SUPERIOR QUALITY, PLASTIC RIM is safe for all types of pools and will guard against marring or scratching of premium pool surfaces. "Easy Glide" Scoop front for quick & easy leaf pickup from pool bottom. Straight sides with slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides, whether round or rectangle shaped pools. Swimming pool maintenance for 24, 27, 30 ft or any other size pool has never been easier.

  • "Quality Counts - Customers Matter" is NOT Just a Slogan. We Feel Your Pain


    Shoddy products. Lousy service. It's infuriating. Too many times we've purchased products or services and have been largely disappointed in the quality. Worse yet, dealing with the brand owner for the product can often leave you even more frustrated.

    It shouldn't be that way, and that's why ProTuff Products exists - to offer high quality products and service to match, so that you never have to worry if you'll be disappointed with your purchase. You won't. We promise.


    Trusted by Professional Pool Companies

    Their livelihood depends on efficient, functional tools, so they choose the best. Why shouldn't you get the same quality they do?

    With a ProTuff heavy duty pool rake, you can skim the surface AND clean the bottom of your pool with the same tool. And, because it has such a deep, durable net, you won't be constantly emptying debris, as you would with a skimmer or cheaper pool rake.

    And, once you get good with it (especially if you purchase the combo with the silt rake), you can clean up to 95% of what you'd get with a vacuum, without ever dragging out and struggling with that cumbersome hose.

    ** Expense, cleaning time and lifespan numbers listed above are based on typical pool owner experiences. Larger or smaller pools of varying types and shapes may not fit those estimates.


    Pro-Grade Double-Stitched Nylon Netting

    Heavy Duty Reinforced Stitching Will NOT Easily Unravel

    You can't afford for your pool cleaning equipment to be "out of commission" when you're ready to clean. Don't put yourself in that position again. Make sure you're always "work ready" with ProTuff.

    Massive mouth and deep bag combine to offer enormous cleaning capacity and high efficiency.

    Effectively Holds It's Shape and Resists Tearing

    The in-laws are coming, tomorrow will be a "scorcher", and all you want is to have the pool ready and looking its best. But, the massive storm last night inundated the pool with leaves and debris. Unfortunately, your "cheapie" pool rake ripped under the load and the pool store is closed. What now?Shoulda bought a ProTuff ...

    • ProTuff's heavy duty, double stitched nylon net collects up to 50 pounds without failing! Leaves, sticks, nuts, pine needles. Throw what you want at it ... ProTuff can take it.
    • Stiff netting holds it's shape. Quickly skim tons of leaves, insects & debris from the pool surface without emptying. Also, no more "pool net pass through" means no more time re-bagging "lost" debris.
    • Get more done in less time and with less effort. Clean your pool with confidence, knowing this pool rake can handle anything you throw at it.

    The ONLY Tool to Clean Your Pool (Well, You Might Need a Pole and a Brush)

    Haul Massive Amounts of Debris From Winter Covers

    Your new ProTuff pool rake will handle gigantic clean-up and clean-out jobs with ease. Leaves, twigs, mud and just about any other manner of debris you can think of are no match for this brute. Quit wasting time opening and cleaning your pool and start spending more time enjoying your water oasis with friends and family!

    Bulletproof Aluminum Alloy Frame Will NOT Bend or Twist Under Load

    The ProTuff aluminum alloy frame is slightly heavier than plastic but handles MUCH more weight without twisting, bending or breaking. Our durable winged handle offers maximum stability to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Pay more up-front for quality & NEVER buy another pool rake again.

    ProTuff Pole NOT Included But IS Available on Amazon

    Although our "Ultimate Series" 8/16' telescoping pool pole is not included with your new ProTuff pool net, our heavy duty pole with it's patented "Lock Right" mechanism will change the way you clean your swimming pool. Honestly, you have never owned a pole this sturdy with a lock that just works.

    Don't Wait to Get Your Hands on this High Quality Pool Rake

    You've NEVER owned a pool rake that can handle this kind of abuse. Chances are, once you leave this page, you never will. Don't end up back at the local pool store buying another "cheapie" ... Take care of this issue for good. No more wasted time and money. No more wasted hours cleaning your pool with inferior tools.

    Isn't THIS What Pool Ownership is All About? Effective Pool Tools Are What Make Moments Like This Possible

    We Promise That ProTuff Products Will NEVER Let you Down ... No Matter What


    TELESCOPIC POLE *NOT* INCLUDED BUT MOST ARE COMPATIBLE - You will need a telescoping pool pole with 1 1/8" inner diameter (standard size) & holes to attach the pool leaf rake's handle via butterfly/v-clip (also pretty standard).

    LOW DRAG MEDIUM MESH POOL BAG MAKES THE JOB FAST & EASY - Super, ultra fine mesh leaf rakes scoop & grab tiny particulate debris from the bottom & are great at skimming the surface for crystal clear purity, but the tight weave "pushes" alot of water, meaning more muscle strain AND greater difficulty catching large debris like leaves. A medium mesh net will "fish" everything but silt & sand and won't "push" water. Hence, less physical strain & larger, lighter debris is NOT pushed away from the pool skimmer net.

    STURDY NYLON NET RESISTS TEARING - Heavy duty, tough nylon leaf strainer screen nets are less likely to develop holes & easily collect lots of debris. They won't pass back through the rake's frame, allowing contents to spill out. No wasted time re-bagging "lost" debris or resorting to the vacuum. A soft, flimsy mesh basket will develop holes easily & "dump" debris back into the pool.

    ROCK SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME & PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COATING - An aluminum frame catcher is heavier than a plastic scooper, but handles more weight. So, you empty less often, meaning less time using pool cleaning equipment. The best tool costs more, but you get what you pay for.

    STRAIGHT EDGES SAFELY SCRAPE SIDES & BOTTOM - Curved sides won't scrape debris from the sides of pools very well. Straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck on leaves.

    PICK-A-SIZE "MOUTH" IS JUST RIGHT FOR DEBRIS COLLECTION AND PHYSICAL STRAIN - Narrow mouth frames cover less area. Wider mouths collect more debris, but are heavier to lift from the pool. Use a huge 24" if you're gorilla strong, have a large pool & want a cleaner pool in a hurry. Use a 14", 16" if you have a small, tiny pool, hot tub, spa, jacuzzi or fountain. 18" or 20" is a happy medium.

    With this commercial grade, metal frame, durable red rim Pro Tuff pool rake, you'll skim inground and above ground pools with confidence. Nearly all standard telescoping collapsible pool poles will accept the distinctive ProTuff black, winged handle and butterfly clips (12 to 16 ft are often best). Frequently cleaned pools need fewer pool chemicals and supplies. Your new pool rake will be infinitely replaceable, meaning you'll never buy another. You'll be your neighborhood's deep cleaning baron of pool care. Uncle Jed will be proud of the deep blue, crystal clear appearance of your tiny ocean oasis.


    Customer Review



    The net itself was sturdy and worked great for as long as it lasted. The reason for the one-star rating is because of the falsely advertised FOREVER GUARANTEE. As you can see in the picture, the net ripped. In accordance with their advertised FOREVER GUARANTEE, I contacted...

    by Tonia, August 2, 2019



    This is by far the most durable and truly indestructible leaf net I have owned. I have (2) large pools the larger is 45,000 g with overhanging trees. We have a LOT of work to do in the fall here. I own (2) of these nets now almost 3 years. Ever other net has sooner or...

    by Keith, April 11, 2020


    Top notch customer service - and the rake is great too

    I bought this pool rake about 4 years ago - highly recommended and I was intrigued by the "unlimited" lifetime replacement. Product came with a lot of good information and still they claimed if it every failed/broke they would replace it. Rake was notably sturdier than my...

    by Andrew, April 9, 2020


    It's good but not great

    It's wide similar to my older leaf skimmer, my biggest issue is the net is too stiff and when emptying it you will need to use one hand to reverse the basket to get all the leafs dumped out. You can't just turn it upside down and dump the content.

    by peymon, August 28, 2019


    Best one I ever used

    We installed our pool 30 years ago and I have used a variety of skimmers and leaf rakes during that time. As you can see there is extensive landscaping around the pool. It doesn’t take much to have a fair amount of leaves and bugs end up in the pool. After my last leaf rake...

    by Frequent Amazon.com buyer, July 11, 2020


    The Warrenty Process is easy.

    Unless you are like me and forget all about the emails you sent to them about it once already and do it three times cause yeah.. LoL But seriously. My husband has been cleaning pools for 9 years. He's used a couple brands of net, and while this one wasn't the one...

    by LKB, June 28, 2020


    Couldn't be happier with this purchase!

    I purchased this pool net in 2014. I was impressed at the time with the price and apparent quality. When the product arrived, I was extremely impressed by the Lifetime Warranty (in fact, I was surprised, as that feature had not been top of mind, or part of my purchase...

    by V. Sumpter, April 4, 2017


    No complaints, five stars

    I've gone through three Pool Nets in the last four years, so I decided to try the ProTuff Pool Net, because of the Unlimited Free Replacement Guarantee. I paid a little more, but figured it would be worth it in the long run, considering the fact that I use my pool net...

    by Slapshot, April 1, 2019

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