Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool, White

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OMR 419.533


  • Energy saving, rapid cleaning robotic pool cleaner for residential in ground pools
  • Comes equipped with a vibrating brush at the bottom of the unit
  • Cleans inclines, walls, and waterlines
  • Extra long, 60 foot cable with swivel for no tangling
  • Timer setting for 1.5 or 2 hour shutoff

  • The Breeze IQ is a smart Robotic cleaner that uses AquaSmart technology to more efficiently clean most standard pools in under 2 hours. The smart algorithm installed in the brain of the cleaner enables the robot to clean the pool floor, walls and waterline in a more systemized fashion, without wasting time. The Aquabot Breeze IQ has an extra long 60 ft. cable with the patented Aquabot Swivel for a more tangle free cleaner experience. The IQ has EZ to clean top access baskets that can filter down to 2 microns nominal - 2 Year Limited warranty.

    The Aquabot Advantage: Not all pool cleaners are created equal. Advances in Aquabot robotic technology have enabled us to offer many advantages to antiquated cleaning traditions that can truly make a difference in the quality of your pool experience. At Aqua Products we believe in crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.

    Top Access Filter Bags Easy cleaning between cycles The Secret to the Breeze IQ is the combination of three key attributes: 1) Convenience: The IQ has two EZ clean top access filter baskets and a plug and play power supply for the ultimate in convenience. Plus our patented Aquabot Swivel for a more tangle free cleaning experience. 2) Performance: The Breeze IQ has a powerful pump system and the filtration down to 2 microns (nominal) for a safer more healthy swimming experience. 3) It's Smart: the IQ utilizes the AquaSmart system to help it navigate the pool with superior coverage and speed. The IQ also has durable all terrain PVC scrubbing brushes and a long 60 ft. swivel cable. Safe for all surfaces including vinyl liner pools Extra Long 60' cable with Swivel Top Access EZ Clean Filter Baskets 1.5 or 2 Hour Cleaning Cycles Superior Waterline Scrubbing Savings Aquabot helps you save water, chemicals, and energy. Save on water / backwashing, as all debris are self-contained in the unit. Save up to 30% on your total chemical usage via better water circulation and the finest filtration in the industry. Save up to 40% on your pool electric usage as Aquabot's cleaning cycle costs just ~ 5 cents per cycle hour. Safe and Reliable Aquabot robotic pool cleaners under go rigorous testing for both safety and performance. Our cleaners also under go approval from a national independent organization (ETL) to ensure compliance. At Aqua Products we take safety very seriously and are proud to report of no known incidences of product related injury. Exclusive Aquabot Swivel Only Aquabot cleaners utilize the patented Aquabot Swivel for a more tangle free pool cleaning experience. Our technology takes the hassles out of robotic pool cleaning. Enjoy Your Pool Even if you have a professional pool cleaning each week, Aquabot is on duty full time, including weekends when your family is around the pool the most, and your pool service isn’t. Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. Aquabot filters down to 2 microns (nominal) helping to remove grime, contaminants, and bacteria for a healthier cleaner pool. Aquabot The Keepers of pure! Finest Filtration Aquabot cleaners are engineered with the finest filtration in the industry (down to 2 microns nominal). They remove more debris to keep pools physically cleaner, substantially reducing the amount of chemicals needed. It all adds up to fewer chemicals for a healthier clean. The Breeze IQ has the ultimate in convenience with dual top access filter baskets. Simple and Easy to Use Aquabot Breeze IQ is the state-of-the-art way to clean your pool in a fraction of the time of other cleaners. There are no hoses or vacuum poles to mess with. It is a self-contained cleaner with an internal pump, drive and filtration system.

    Customer Review


    Excellent product.

    Just received this amazing machine and put her to work immediately for the first pool cleaning of the season. Previously, we had used an old Polaris pressure side cleaner. This thing is light years ahead of that POS. The IQ will climb walls easily, and if flotation...

    by JF, May 18, 2017


    Great cleaning performance on my gunite pool !

    I’ve had this robot for about 5 months now I'm really glad bought this thing! It does a great job getting all the debris off the bottom and walls of my gunite pool (leaves, dead bugs, sand, etc.). The brushes are a soft grey rubber and they don’t streak the surface of the...

    by Wind Rider, November 25, 2017


    Nice Product

    Easy to setup and run. Controller is basic and functions well. Only one day on the job in a very dirty pool and already seeing very nice results. Pool bottom is now clean. Saved me a lot of time. Comparing the cost of the robot to a pool service, it will pay for itself...

    by DTENG, April 14, 2017


    Solid product with simple setup and use

    We just received it and used first time. My pool is relatively big - 35000 gallons and deep (8 ft). Aquabot was easy to setup, after reading instructions. Most important step was to ensure suctions were adjusted to be closer to the surface and not miss the debris. Robot...

    by Leonard, August 6, 2017


    Amazing Aqua Breeze IQ

    Omg! I can't say enough good things about Aquabit Breeze IQ, it exceeded my expectations. It scrubs and picks up dirt that one cannot even see with he naked eye. It's very user friendly and cleaning the filters takes less than 5 minutes. I highly recommend this if you want...

    by Leonor M., June 27, 2017


    Terrible. Don't purchase.

    Update: less than 2 yrs old and dead. Thing is a piece of crap!!! Avoid. This is my last aquabot. Aquabot Turbo was the best and they shouldn't have changed it. This thing spends most its time upside down, regardless of changing the floaters or having...

    by TechnicallyCharmed, September 20, 2018


    Love the unit

    Love the unit, hated dealing with the seller. We received our "brand new" Aquabot Breeze IQ and it looked like it was used. It had a melted mark on the handle and the scrubbers on the feet looked worn. Immediately contacted the seller and was told there's no way...

    by Michelle G., December 16, 2017


    Great machine, keeps my pool looking clean!

    I’ve had mine for over a year and I typically don’t write reviews but mine has been nothing but awesome. I have at least 40,000 gallon pool and it keeps it looking great. I had one issue with a remote I left out in the rain, manufacturer couldn’t fix so sent me a brand...

    by Reid, May 14, 2019

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