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Red Vines Licorice, Original Red Flavor Soft & Chewy Candy Twists, 3.5 lbs, 56 Ounce

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    • 4.6 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 21-October to 25-October.
OMR 9.219

  • RED VINES soft & chewy licorice candy twists in classic Original Red flavor
  • Iconic knob-topped candy jar holds about 159 Twists and is resealable to keep your candy fresh
  • Made in small batches using artisan candy-making techniques and the same original recipe as the very first RED VINES
  • RED VINES licorice candy has been proudly manufactured by the American Licorice Company for five generations
  • RED VINES Original Red Twists are always fat free, low sodium and Halal & Kosher certified

  • Size:3.5 Pound (Pack of 1)  |  Style:Candy

    Family-owned and operated since 1914, the American Licorice® Company is proud to use artisanal candy-making techniques that have been passed down through five generations. Whether you seek out nostalgic candy or a sweet treat that boasts the latest flavor trends, RED VINES® candy offers something for everyone! If you love classics, there's Original Red®, Grape, or traditional Black licorice flavored twists. You can also bulk up your pantry with a variety of twists, bars, ropes and bites. Our sweet treats come in the ideal sized for sharing at home, at the office, or in the car between errands. Be sure to celebrate those sweet moments in life with this beloved classic soft & chewy candy! What's more? RED VINES candy is always fat free, low sodium and Halal & Kosher certified, so feel free to snack with a guilt-free smile. The American Licorice Company is dedicated to creating delighting candy experiences for you and your loved ones for years to come. Happy snacking!


    Customer Review


    Tub Red Vines!

    Big tub of Red Vines! I’m dying of cancer and am still able to eat so I’m eating my favorite foods. The price and free Prime delivery versus going to the store and getting increased exposure to the COVID -19 or any other virus.. it was worth a shot.The freshness is not as good as the ones I buy in the store! It’s okay but definitely down a grade. They are not expired - not even close. Best before 8/32/2020.Price about the same.I’d buy again

    by Kelly Bezz, March 7, 2020


    Save your money.

    These red vines have all sorts of issues but the main one is the packaging. Whatever plastic they are using smells to high heaven of toxic chemicals, which tainted the candy. I remember getting these over the years and they must have changed the plastic because it never was toxic before. I have a migraine now from the smell. Secondly, the quality of the candy has sadly gone down hill as well. They are all super soft and 25% of the lot are pieces or half chopped vines. I am so disappointed.

    by Jay Stanfield, September 2, 2019


    Something is wrong with them

    Taste like plastic, falls apart when you pick it up . It has a horrible taste

    by Debbie Moyer, September 14, 2019



    These are like crack...can't leave them alone. Remind me to add to my 'DO NOT BUY AGAIN'. THEY ARE DELICIOUS AND FRESH.....I LOVE THEM...YOU WILL TOO!

    by Judy Rose, May 29, 2019


    Really disappointed

    Just took back a tub of red vines purchased from the store. They weren't as fresh as the ones I USUALLY get .from Bolo. I received my red vines today, only to be disappointed. I could have just kept the ones from the store. THESE ARE NO BETTER. I don't mind paying a little more online because they have always been fresh. This is the first tub out of four that aren't fresh. I hate paying more something that is no better than what you get from a store. I love the Soft ones I have received the last 3 times. NOT HAPPY. Shame on you for sending a poor product.

    by Shy girl, August 14, 2019


    Fresh and Tasty

    I live a little out in the country and the nearest supermarket is a good 25-30 minutes away. Didn’t want to drive out so bought these. The tub came the next day and man the licorice is so soft and fresh! All of my pieces came in whole pieces, so not sure why another reviewers were shredded... These will last you a good while instead of the packs that are almost $3 each.

    by Alyssa Gomez, August 12, 2019


    Licorice came in 1 million chewed up/shredded pieces

    It seriosly looked like someone ran over the licorice with a lawn mower. I opened the package and the top layer looked normal like it always is. After munching on the top layer we noticed the pieces getting smaller and by the time the kids got to the middle all the pieces were shredded like it was the bottom of the barrel or someone put them in a blender. Not too happy with this shipment at all.

    by Jacqueline, July 21, 2017


    Best part of being grown up is also the worst ...

    I can see a belly ache coming on now! Best part of being grown up is also the worst part....can eat as much candy as you want!!Well not really......wife limits me for her sake....LOLRed Vines are so good....Hmmmm....you'll like these....just make sure you have someone to put the brakes on how much you consume at a time.

    by Rod, March 22, 2017



    Lovely but now I’m chubby

    by jamie, September 9, 2020


    No don’t do it they taste Horrible

    Vile horrible things nothing like the red licorice of Woolworths 😂🤣These are American tasting red licorice not UK tasting I brought them as a treat they took ages to arrived and today is a sad day as they taste rankFirst bite you think this isn’t too bad, then you like err no gross not what I want in my mouth at all, they feel like they have some sort of weird coating on them whichLeaves a bowl aftertasteNope if you like UK red licorice like strawberry leaves this will leave you sad they are just awful

    by Anonymous, April 22, 2021


    Most moorish liquorice

    I’ve been eating redvines for years in the USA. Just grateful I can buy them here .Slightly soft but not spoiling the taste at all.Great Fat free treats .I can see where people say it’s got a medicine taste but I just love them! They have just arrived and I have to hide them as I’ve eaten at least 20 already!! Will definitely order more !

    by danielle chesler, April 24, 2021


    Disgusting flavour total waste of money!

    These are not very nice at all. They taste disgusting. There is an odour that smells like germalene antiseptic cream and other than an antiseptic taste there is no real flavour. Still, the plastic tub they arrived in can be reused but the vines went straight in the trash.

    by Magic-Ian, July 30, 2020


    Much bigger tub than I was expecting !

    Was very excited that these had been delivered today, couldn't believe the size of the tub but explains the price, these are an acquired taste, husband doesn't like them so all the more for me. If your not sure you like them then maybe start with a smaller pack.These are very good value for money.

    by Fiona Ward, July 20, 2021

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