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Eyelash Growth Serum, Eyelash Enhancer Lash Booster Eyebrow Growth Serum for Long, Luscious Lashes and Eyebrows-Irritation Free Formula(5ml) Blue

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Advanced Botanical Formula for Longer and Thicker Lashes&Brows- EGS Eyelash Growth Serum & Eyelash Enhancer Booster could effectively help eyelash grow longer,thicker and give them a fuller and healthier look. Serious Scient Testing-formula has been tested hundreds times on different people to help boost thickness and length of eyelashes with only 20 days of daily use. Over 60 days of daily use saw an obvious increase of natural eyelashes. Non-irritating and Natural Ingredients - EGS Beauty's formula is non-irritating, gentle and safe for all skin types. It is a nourishing serum that will help rare lashes and brows to grow stronger and healthier with daily use. Easy Daily Using - Dip the brush into the serum just enough to pick a drop, carefully apply to the upper eyelid of eyelash.Use at least on time per day to make sure a perfect performance. Insist using over 60 days is recommended.

Eyelash Growth Serum, Eyelash Enhancer Lash Booster Eyebrow Growth Serum for Long, Luscious Lashes and Eyebrows-Irritation Free Formula(5ml) TIRED OF HAVING SHORT, SPARSE & DAMAGED LASHES? -Have you been spending hours of your time to wear expensive eyelash extensions? -Have your lashes lost length & fullness with age, stress & hormone changes? -Eyelash curlers, waterproof mascara, false lashes, eye rubbing & everyday wear/tear have left us with weak, short & thin eyelashes! Our Eyelash Growth Serum is here to nourish & restore them to their natural, youthful beauty! Function: Eyelash growth serum cold effectively help eyelash grow naturely longer,thicker,and give them a fuller &healthier look. How to Use For best results, use lash serum once daily, preferably at night. Skin should be clean and dry before application. Apply the serum to the skin right above your upper lash line. Use a single brush stroke for each eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has dried. When you are satisfied with the results, continue to use Eyelash Serum two to three times a week to maintain lashes. Boost Growth Of Eyelashes Apply lash growth serum on roots of your eyelashes, it will moisten and nourish them to the utmost. Beautiful, longer and thicker lashes and brows will start to show as little as 4 weeks from using PHOEBE eyelash enhancer, but expect full results in three months. Safety Made with 100 percent safe ingredients that have been used for many years in beauty products and for the growth of longer and fuller eyelashes and eyebrows. Denser Eyebrows Hair follicle tissue stays at the end of blood circulation and always lacks nutrition. PHOEBE eyelash lash enhancer growth serum provides nutrition for hair follicles, giving them power to grow thicker and longer. No envy of natural thick eyebrows of others any more.


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