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Fingerprint Padlock Thumbprint Bluetooth Lock USB Rechargeable IP65 Waterproof Ideal for Locker, Handbags, Golf Bags, Wardrobes, Gym, Door, Luggage, Suitcase, Backpack, Bike, Office (Blue)

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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 01-February to 04-February.

OMR 17.088


  • 【Notice】Our store name is Pulse On, if purchase from other followers, we don't promise quality or after-sale service.
  • 【Note】This is a bluetooth padlock with App registration (permissions needed to access to your location, contacts, cameras and storage), so if you mind registering with a phone number or email address, please choose another one with only fingerprint tech, no bluetooth and no registration.
  • 【Widely Used】For indoor and outdoor places, suitable for gym lockers, suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers,furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other belongings that you want to protect.
  • 【USB Rechargeable】The smart padlock is equipped with 300MAH rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 3 months if fully charged(output power: 0.4w). Service life of the bluetooth lock is 2 years.
  • 【Sturdy Structure】The lock body is made of aluminum alloy (ADC12 Alloy) and its shackle is made of stainless steel (303 Stainless steel) for high hardness and high compressive strength.

  • OMaggie Fingerprint padlock with bluetooth

    Privacy Notice

    We value customer privacy! The only mandatory permission required is the location service in Android OS. This is mandatory by Anroid OS (not us) for Bluetooth service (Search it to verify!).

    Camera access is recommended to scan barcode to pair padlock to app. Photo and file access is only asked if you want to upload personal account picture. Both can be disable afterwards.

    Protect Your Life

    Free APP Unlock: keyless convenience helps you get rid of worrying about lost keys or forgotten combinations.

    15 Different Fingerprints: the padlock can add up to 15 different fingerprints.one lock can be authorized to multiple users and a user can unlock multiple locks.

    Easily Monitor Activity: including unlocking record and sharing record.

    Superior Strength & Durability: made of aluminum alloy body and 303 stainless steel latch hook, super durable!

    • 3 Adding Lock Methods: Scan the QR Code / Bluetooth / Padlock serial number.

    Smart Padlock with APP

    How to unlock: your fingerprints or the APP.

    Battery Display: the battery status will display on the APP, which can remind you to charge it timely.

    Please fully charge it beofre first using.

    USB Rechargeable

    Built-in a polymer battery which can be easily charged by USB cable and last 30 days without use.

    When out of battery, the smart lock will remain locked, simply connect to a USB power supply and recover.

    Widely use

    Suitable for both indoor and temporary outdoor use in gym, school, office, door, gate, fence, garage, warehouse, cabinet, shed, suitcase, handbag, luggage, bike, etc.

    Not intended for outdoor use in rain or snow.

    What you will get

    1 x Portable Fingerprint Lock

    1 x Micro USB Charging cable

    1 x User manual

    2 x QR code

    Frequently Asked Questions about OMaggie Bluetooth Padlock

    Q: How to add more fingerprints?

    A: Go to the APP's setting, follow the prompts in the screen, tap your fingerprint on the reader multi times until it is recorded successfully.

    Q: What if the APP prompts "no device is found"?

    A: Charge the padlock first, enable your phone's Bluetooth feature, and touch the padlock fingerprint reader to activate its Bluetooth signal. The padlock indicator will be on!Or please download the right APP following the instruction!

    Q: My email failed to receive the verification code when registering?

    A: Change a different email address to register and try again. Or Go to your Spam box to check. Some email server will block messages.

    Q: What's the pin code to pair the padlock?

    A: There is no pin code, enable your phone Bluetooth, search the device Bluetooth signal in the APP to connect them automatically. Or please scan the QR code or ID number to add the padlock.


    Customer Review


    This is a great little lock.

    I like this lock you can open in the dark, you don't even have to see it, just put your finger on it. I'm thinking about buying some more and put them on the front gates. However, be aware you have to give the app all your information, your friends list, your...

    by Thatsjakewithme, June 13, 2019


    Malware warning!

    The app required to use this item keeps asking for permission to access your photos, data, contacts, make and receive calls, make and receive texts, use the phone's cameras and mic, and post to social media. It will not work unless you give those permissions. None of...

    by Kindle Customer, January 29, 2020


    Ideal product

    This device works as advertised.Definitely a must buy for people who go to the GYM quite often! You have to register your product on an APP called "OKLOK". It is great that the seller put QR code in the box to download the app. Once you finished the steps, you could use the...

    by Ryan, February 18, 2019


    👏 Nice!

    Works very well... fingerprint very sensitive.. easy configuration!

    by Neto, March 24, 2019


    Stopped working after a week or 2

    Got a few of them one is currently not charging and stuck on my fence, might need to cut it off since it is how we take the mower to cut the lawn. Tried charging for 10 minutes or so no light even comes on. I only had this for maybe a week or 2. The rest stopped working as...

    by Dan, April 24, 2019


    Works as intended.

    It works as intended. The fingerprint sensor is a little touchy, but that should be expected. Battery life seems like it will be very good. My lock has been in place a couple weeks now and the app Is still. Showing the battery at 95%. The only caution is that the lock...

    by Nick Budzyn, March 30, 2019


    Stopped working after 3 months and app is terrible

    It was really hard to set up, never connected with the app correctly after initial set up, and stopped working after 3 months and now I'm having to buy bolt cutters! On the topic of set up: I work in technology so I'm no novice when it comes to complex tech. I think this is...

    by Erin, November 22, 2019


    Good Lock - But Backwards Latch

    The functionality of this lock (for the short time I've had it) has been great. I use it for my gym locker, so I cannot say it holds its claim of being waterproof, etc. But what is really curious to me about this lock is that the side that is open (i.e., has the open side...

    by JBHorner, April 9, 2019

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