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Gya Labs Sea Buckthorn Oil for Face, Skin and Hair - Moisturize Dry, Irritated Skin and Brittle Hair - Tightens and Evens Skin - 100 Pure, Natural, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Seabuckthorne Oil - 50 ml

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  • For Face, Skin and Hair - Use pure sea buckthorn oil for face oil to tighten and even complexion. Apply seabuckthorne oil to moisturize dry skin and relieve irritation, or massage onto hair roots to promote stronger, healthier hair.
  • Reduce Signs of Mature Skin - Packed with omega -3 and 6, sea buckthorn facial oil encourages cell renewal to tighten and reduce signs of mature skin for flawless complexion. Turn heads around in awe as they stared at your renewed beauty.
  • Soothe Dry, Irritated Skin - Rich in Vitamin E, sea buckthorn oils soothe irritated skin by relieving redness. It helps to hydrate dry skin and retain skin moisture. Stay in comfort all day long as you're free from irritation and dryness.
  • Improve Hair Health - Sea buckthorn hair oil improves scalp circulation and strengthens hair follicles, granting natural protection for nourished scalp and resilient hair. Unleash great confidence as you flaunt lustrous waves to your peers.
  • Natural and Non Greasy - Gya Labs sea buckthorn seed oil 2 oz is sourced from Russia and cold pressed. Our sea buckthorn berry seed oil absorbs quickly without oily residue, perfect as carrier oil for essential oils mixing.


Customer Review



I did some research on ways to combat facial aging early and this product is one of the only oils that can be used on face that has complete fatty acids. I used this daily in the evenings and I apply pretty heavy to face and neck over night. Since using it my face has...

by Customer, March 19, 2020


Excellent hydration but wear only at night cuz it's ORANGE

Like many people, I struggle with sensitive skin and acne. When I was a teenager, it was a combination of oil-slick oily, breakout-prone, sensitive/irritated easily, and rosacea. In my twenties, it was still all of the above-- okay, a little less oil-slicky-- but the...

by Lotsa Opinions, July 15, 2020


Great Moisturizer

Smells fantastic, like berry herbal tea, and pairs wonderfully with vanilla oleoresin. The oil is an intense orange color, so there may be a slight cast on your skin if you go barefaced. I have combo oily leaning skin that gets clogged and irritated easily, and...

by Kris, July 20, 2020


Great anti aging oil

Love this oil. It is very effective for smoothing out scars and as an anti aging oil. I have combination skin and I use this oil several times a week it seems to really balance my natural oil production and kind of plumps the skin.

by KT, July 5, 2020


top notch

Love this oil, i use it in the evenings by mixing it with my Argan and Carrot Seed oils

by Torrie Kovach, May 2, 2020


Good carrier oil and moisturizer

These oil has been a hand safer as a carrier oil for dry hands and nails from extra hand washing. Great product absorbs within five minutes, has light scent, and is great moisturizer

by Salom, July 8, 2020


Very good

Generous amount of product and no strong unpleasant smell. I like to mix a few drops with my body cream and it absorbs very nicely and leaves my skin soft.

by Mary, February 26, 2020


Great quality

Love the bottle design, it’s clean, minimal and beautiful. The oil seems like great quality too, very soft and soothing on my skin. It has a slight yellowish tint though so I generally blend it with other oils.

by vanessa, February 15, 2020

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