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AuviPal 2-in-1 Micro USB to USB Adapter (OTG Cable + TV's USB Power Cable) - Black

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OMR 3.431


  • 👍 Power host device directly from the TV's USB port, Eliminate the need for an AC outlet.
  • 👍 Add an extra female USB port to host device to connect USB storage, keyboard / mouse, USB hub, and USB Ethernet adapter or whatever.
  • 👍 Suitable for Android, Windows and other systems, no system restrictions. PLEASE NOTE: It can NOT power any android smart phone or tablet.
  • 👍 Plug and play - Simply connect the male micro USB port to your host device and the male USB port to TV's USB port, then it is ready to go. Set it up in minutes without any extra effort or configuration.
  • 👍 Lifetime money back guarantee and 24/7 customer service, add to cart & get AuviPal 2 in 1 Micro USB Cable Now!

All-new solution for making your host device more smarter, Compatible with Google Chromecast, android devices, Raspberry Pi Zero, NES N64 Nintendo Devices and MORE other host devices. Suitable for Android, Windows and other systems, no system restrictions.

What We Can Benefit From This Cord?

★★★★★★Benefit One:★★★★★★

Power your host device directly from TV's USB Port, Eliminate the Need for an AC Outlet
Eliminating the messy wires behind of the television by using this perfect length 2 in 1 micro usb cable.

★★★★★★Benefit Two:★★★★★★

Expansion Capability - Add on any USB peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, flash drives, external hard drives, USB card readers, USB ethernet adapter, game controllers or whatever to your Host devices to enjoy more fun.

★★★★★★Benefit Three:★★★★★★

No need to unplug power adapter to cool off your host device, because this cable will allow your device to be cooled off automatically when the TV is turned off. Previously when plugged into the constant on AC power, your host device may start overheating or stop working If you do not unplug the power adapter frequently.


1. It can NOT charge any of android smart phone or tablet.
2. Please make sure that your TV's USB port can output 5V/ 900mA or 1A.
3. Support flash drivers format: fat16, fat32, exfat, No NTFS!

Package Included:

1 x OTG Cable

Warm Tips: You can search " B07HN9SL9J" on amazon if you want to buy 2 pcs of this cable.


Customer Review


Didn't fit my needs but still a good OTG cable

I bought this to work with a gen 2 Firestick and a 2019 iPassPort keyboard with the new learning remote feature. If I could get it to work I would be able to power on the TV, switch to the Firestick input, control the volume + control the Firestick all from one cool...

by Mr Huskey, February 14, 2019


Mozzell, Mozzell, all good things!

Item was recived as ordered, I got the 2 pack of cables for use with my various gens Firesticks. I have each generation and these cables work exactly as they are described in the features of this item. Also confirmed that Gen1 Firestick not comparable with this item, but I...

by JimmyJamez66, March 14, 2019


Add-on must get

This is a great OTG cable, for my 4k firestick. It helps by adding a keyboard. It a great wire, its hidden in the back. Now my firestick turns on & off whenever the tv, turns on or off. I recomend for anyone who has or is getting a firestick.

by Amazon Customer, May 28, 2019


Works extremely well

I purchased two of these cables to connect my firesticks to my tvs. They worked great. It's nice not having to connect your firestick to a power outlet as well as having the option to connect a usb device to it. I was able to connect two keyboard remotes with airmouse via...

by Amazon Customer, November 28, 2018


Needed for fire stick replacement remote

Had to buy this to use with new after market Amazon Bluetooth remote. My dog seems to like to eat the Amazon remotes which are way to expensive to replace so I end up buying a new fire stick just for the remote. I got a bunch of fire sticks now with no remotes so this time...

by asis, February 14, 2021


Good cable

I bought this cable to use with a remote with a usb dongle and it works great. It plugged in solid to the usb on my tv and the dongle from the remote and the Amazon Fire Stick. I bought the two pack and use the other one for my Roku Stick and it works great on that one too....

by Army, January 21, 2019


mine was only good for charging.

it seems that the adapter will only charge devices, but doesn't seem capable of data transfers (unless mine was defective) i have tried connecting it too several devices (including my pc) with no success.

by Danny, February 7, 2019


Perfect addition to my home theater

Perfect for my Fire Stick! I have been searching for a way to implement a universal remote into my home theater setup, and this allowed for that implementation while also giving me the option to increase my overall storage capacity! Very straight forward to use, and the...

by PandaKyle, September 2, 2020

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