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PintreeLand Mini Magic Inductive Robot Toy Follow Black Line with LED Light Educational Toys for Kids (Inductive Robot)

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    • 3.8 stars
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  • 9-12 Days
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OMR 7.467


  • Best Novelty Gift for Kids: Kids will be amazed at how the inductive robot follows the Black Line automatically and have great fun. Just like magic!
  • Inductive Mini Robot: The mini robot toys has an optical sensor inside, so it can read BLACK THICK LINE drawn by any BLACK mark pen.
  • Inspire Kids’ Creativity: Kids or children can plan routes for the robot to follow with their own imagination and creativity. The robot will help kids to increase creativity.
  • Easy to operate: Batteries are installed in the robot with two insulation slices, just remove the insulation slices, then turn on the switch, the robot toys will work.
  • Useful Tips: The line thickness should between 0.4-1.0cm(0.16-0.39inch). 0.6cm(a quarter inch) thickness is best, and non sharp-angled line. The car will turn in circle if placed elsewhere until it finds a black line to follow.

How to play:
1.Use an ordinary dark coloured crayon or marker to draw a thick line on a white paper.
2.Turn on switch on the button of the robot.
3.Place robot on the drawn line.
4.The robot will run on the line automatically.
5.If the line finishes, the vehicle will continue in the direction followed from the previous line.
6.If the line is too thin, the robot may stray off the line, please make the line thicker (The line should be a quarter inch in thickness.)

This is a novelty robot toy, which follows the black line like magic.
If you place the mini robot somewhere else it would run in circles until it finds the line.
The Toy has an optical sensor that reads the black line.
The robot is powered by 4 x LR44 button cell. Marker pen included.
The line thickness should not under 4mm and not overrun 10mm, Non sharp-angled line.
Will make Perfect gift for your little kids.

Package include:
1 x Robot.
4 x LR44 button cell.
1 x Instruction manual.
1 x White paper.


Customer Review


One-half wonderful

The little yellow one was a marvel, spinning around and following the black lines in marvelously erratic ways, almost as if "she" = we decided it was a female robot - had a delightful, curious mind. But the blue one, the dotard, turned only to the right. Ahem. He went...

by Linda, February 28, 2019


Permanent marker...but fun interactive toy : > )

This little robot works well with most lines drawn...but just beware... the marker is PERMANENT lol...we discovered this when my niece used it at my sister's and it went through the thin paper we were using onto the wood table... you definitely want to watch what surfaces...

by J, January 27, 2020



The best part about these as that the came with batteries. It’s very hard to draw a line they will follow, so making a track is frustrating.

by Amazon Customer, October 20, 2018


Don’t buy especially as a gift. 🙄

The toy arrived in poor condition. The box was damaged which done not make it suitable for a gift. And the toy itself was knocking around the box. Fingers crossed that it works. 🙄 guess I’ll find out when I get the 4 LR44 batteries. It honestly looks like it’s been opened...

by jessy, November 13, 2019


Christmas Gift for Young Science Lover

This Christmas my son is getting an expensive and higher-tech version of a line following robot and I didn't want his younger sister to feel left out, so I purchased this for her. The price point was perfect and I am really please I was able to find one that was also cute...

by Kerri, December 20, 2019


Will not work.

I bought this for my granddaughters birthday and mailed it to her. She and her sisters were very excited about it, but that excitement turned to disappointment when it wouldn’t work. There are lots of miles between us and returning it is just too much of a hassle.

by JoCo, December 2, 2019


Really cool toy! Definitely a good gift for kids of all ages.

I really like this toy, and I know my nephews will love playing with it when they come over! I tried it out to make sure it works, and the little robot follows the black lines exactly. I know they will have fun making lots of...

by Amazon Customer, November 21, 2019


Simple, yet entertaining robot

This is such a neat little robot! It's very simple. One tip I have is to make sure you draw the lines thick on the paper, otherwise it gets confused when following the line. It gives a good 10-15 minutes of entertainment for my 4 year old before she gets bored which is a...

by Sarah, June 14, 2020

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