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YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock Anti-theft Waterproof 110 dB 7mm Pin with 5ft Reminder Cable for Motorcycles Bike Scooter Bonus Carry Pouch (Silver)

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  • 9-12 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 25-October to 28-October.
OMR 16.239

  • ❤The alarm disc lock sound is able to reach 110 db with the measure of 6mm locking pin that allows us to set at 360 degrees, and it is possible to disassemble in any position.
  • ❤Portable in size but loud in voice, the motorcycle disc alarm is more sensitive. You will hear the alarm immediately when some cunning thief approaches.
  • ❤It comes with 3 keys which is ideal for motorcycles, bicycles, scooters with holes or spokes on a wheel.An ensurance for your belongings.Easy to lock with one-press operation, just push down the button with a “Beep” sound into alarm status.
  • ❤YOHOOLYO disc brake lock fits for various vehicles with up to 6mm disc brakes: motorcycles, electromobile, bicycle, moto, scooters etc.
  • ❤BONUS ACCESSORIES- Enclosed a 5ft disc lock orange reminder cable, prevent potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged. 6 internal batteries and 6 back up for longer use. An Allen key to disassemble the lock and carry pouch for storage included.

  • YOHOOLYO has a professional engineering and technical staff and R&D team to provide you with high-quality design and production.
  • YOHOOLYO motorbike disc lock with alarm was updated at least 3 times to help follower solve the technical problem like waterproofing and batteries.
  • YOHOOLYO are believe in enhancing relationships to pursue innovation.
  • We pride ourselves in giving our follower the smoothest online shopping experience.

YOHOOLYO Disc Brake Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Motorbike Alarm Disc Lock, 110dB Sound Powersports Alarms.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm is made entirely of metal which is both sturdy and durable.
  • Intelligent anti-theft
  • When the disc lock alarm sounds a beep,it indicates that the alarm was inserted correctly.
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • To deactivate the alarm, just put the key in the lock.Every lock key from YOHOOLYO are totally different to protect your vehicle.
  • Important Specification:
  • 110db Alarm Sound
  • Sensitive Alarm System
  • Heavy Duty Anti thief Purpose.

Waterproof Alarm Disc Lock for Motorcycle, Scooter, Bycycle With Disc Brake.

  1. With waterproof design, you do not worry about rainy days when you put your vehicle in outside with our YOHOOLYO alarm disc lock.
  2. It comes with two sets of batteries,one set built in the lock.
  3. With allen key to replace the batteries by yourself.

YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock for Anti-theft

Enclosed a 5ft disc lock orange reminder cable, prevent potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged. Package include as follow:

  • 1 x Silver Disc lock with alarm
  • 1 x 5ft Orange reminder cable
  • 1 x Portable carry pouch
  • 2 x Set of batteries
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 3 x Disc lock key

Press the lock to be locked without key.

  • Dust proof lid to aviod the ice up in winter.
  • Every lock with unique key to protect your vehicle.
  • With key to cancel the alarm of the lock.
  • Press the lock button to lock the disc brake lock,and you will hear the sound "beep".

Portable Carry Bag, Premium Reminder Cable

  • Come with reminder cable for double insurance.
  • Enclosed disc lock reminder cable which is designed to attach to the brake or clutch lever and locked disc lock when you leave your motorcycle or bikes.

Heavy Duty Anti-thief Design for your Vehicle

  • Complicated Anti-thief System to Protect.
  • Smooth Surface to prevent theft by violence.

Warm Tips for YOU

  • Reminder: This alarm disc lock only can be used in disc brake with holes.
  • Durable and Rustless Aluminium Alloy Disc Lock Alarm


Customer Review


Very Good product, will highly recommend.

Very Good product, will highly recommend.

by Amazon Customer, June 6, 2020


I like that proudest it works good

It's helpful

by Alex.song, April 21, 2020


Excellent choice to lock your bike

Fits my KLR650 and is very sensitive to movements. I feel safe and relax knowing that this lock is going to prevent thieves from attempting to steal my bike. The luck is not bulky and you can take with you on rides any where. Buy it!

by Amalia De Ramon, January 8, 2020


Work great

More than 6 person try to get my bike and the alarm sound so loud before they do anything.this thing safe my bike and money for sure.

by pullop julpun, December 25, 2019


Great product

Works great and chirps at the slightest bump. Easy to push and lock in.

by Remsterx, May 29, 2019




by MARK, July 3, 2019



It works great, strong,loud alarm that easily goes off from movement

by Joshua, January 18, 2019


Quick ship. Good product.

Perfect. Love the push to lock. Way better than my old disc break. Not as sensitive as others are saying.

by Allen J., January 12, 2019

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