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Godox 32x32 Inch Speedlight Softbox Portable with S Type Speedlite Bracket Holder and Carrying Case 80x80cm Bowens Mount Flash Soft Box Set Lighting Kit for Studio Photo Portrait Photography

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OMR 36.835

80*80cm Soft Box: Made by a specialized reflective material. The two-layer diffuser design(Inner layer + outer layer soft cloth),with a good refectivity, evenly distributes the light and improves the shooting effect. S-type Strobe Bracket : with a soft pad and can be fixed firmly without damage to the flash light. It is suitable for the umbrella holder with a slot. Easy to Install: The soft box is easy to detach, fold, an ideal outdoor photography shooting tool. (To avoid bounce, you need a little force at the time of folding) Special Design: Soft box was made by Godox which is a professional arch-shaped bone design, uniform light, good hue.strobe brackets apply to Bowens (Boens) design,Height adjustable and avaliable for various photographic accessories such as soft box beauty dish,umbrella reflector . Package Contents: S-type Strobe Bracket * 1, 80*80cm Soft Box * 1 ,Soft Light Cloth * 2 (Inner + outer soft light cloth), Storage Pouch * 1,Lens Cloth*1.

Avaliable for various photographic accessories such as soft box beauty dish,umbrella reflector . Double-layer Soft Cloth Design 1. Double-layer soft cloth design(Inner layer + outer layer soft cloth), make the light softer. 2. The outer soft cloth is fixed by Velcro, and the inner layer is fixed by hooks, easy disassembly. They can be used alone or used together. 3. The interior of softbox is made of professional highly reflective material then the layer is not easy to fall. Arch Bone Design 1.Professional arch bone design, metal frame, repeated folding is not easy to deform. 2.With black back side and silver reflective interior. Folding Method of Soft Box Step 1: remove the soft cloth and S-shaped bracket, fold the softbox along the edge. Step 2: After the softbox is folded along the edge, fold it again and place the hand in the position as shown. Step 3: one hand rotate the softbox clockwise, another hand rotate the softbox counterclockwise. Step 4: with 8-shaped rotation, one side is turned inward, then tighten the alignment. Step 5: the storage is completed, light weight and convenient to carry out. 1. Bowens interface strobe bracket, compatible with Bowens bayonet Accessories. 2. The mounting port size for fixing flash light body can be adjustable, and it applicable to ceiling lights within 5cm height 3. Equipped with an umbrella hole to easily install the photography umbrella. 4. The rotating shaft supports adjusting the flash angle to fill the light in different directions. 5. With a soft pad and can be fixed firmly without damage to the flash light. Flash Light: 1. Insert the flash light into the S-type strobe bracket mounting port. 2. Adjust the height adjustment screw to the appropriate position then jamming the fuselage. 3. Rotate the angle adjustment knob to fill the light in different directions as needed. Soft box: 1. Open soft box 2. Adjust the position and snap the soft box interface into the front of the S-type strobe bracket. Bowens Accessories: 1. Adjust the position of the accessory and align the glory interface of the accessory with the glory bayonet of the strobe bracket. 2. Rotate the accessory to the position of the bayonet and fix it. Storage Pouch Size:33*25*10cm Product Weight:1.38KG Side Depth:47cm Soft Light Effect: Inner+outer layer soft light cloth, with a good reflectivity,evenly distributes the light. Package Contents: S-type Strobe Bracket * 1 80*80cm Soft Box * 1 Soft Light Cloth * 2(Inner + outer soft light cloth) Lens Cloth * 1 Storage Pouch * 1


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