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Sirius Signal SOS LED Electronic Visual Distress Signal with Daytime Distress Flag, and Whistle - CG Approved

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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Oman by 21-October to 25-October.
OMR 56.609

  • No more flares - Family safe and easy to use, the C-1003 is a complete compliance kit that fulfills USCG Night, Day, and Audible distress signal requirements; Made in the USA
  • Flashes US Coast Guard spec SOS signal for up to 60 hours, many times longer than USCG requirements; batteries included
  • Incredibly bright signal is visible up to 10 nautical miles
  • Orange distress flag fulfills daytime signal requirement; Quality marine whistle complies with USCG audible signal requirements
  • Improved flotation keeps the signal higher off the water compared to older models

No more flares - Family safe and easy to use, the C-1003 is a complete compliance kit that fulfills USCG Night, Day, and Audible distress signal requirements

Sirius Signal C-1003 SOS Distress Signal

A Complete Distress Signal Kit

The Sirius Signal eVDSD SOS C-1003 Beacon is redesigned from their original alternative to pyrotechnic flares, the wildly successful model C-1001 (discontinued 2020).

Powered by a high-performance, programmable microprocessor controlling an SOS flash pattern signal flashed through an even brighter and more potent LED, the Sirius Signal SOS C-1003 model is both family-safe and easy to use.

A family-friendly and safe alternative to the antiquated pyrotechnic visual distress flare.

At a glance:

  • Legal replacement for pyrotechnic flares
  • 75 Candelas
  • Visible 10 miles
  • 60+ hours of battery life
  • Only 1 per boat
  • Improved flotation keeps the signal higher off the water
  • Requires 3 C batteries (included)

Fulfills USCG Night, Day, and Audible Distress Signal Requirements


Visible up to 10 nautical miles, the SOS C-1003's beam lasts for hours compared to the minutes-long lifespan of traditional pyrotechnic distress.


Fulfills all Coast Guard Compliant Visual Distress Signal (VDS) requirements (46 CFR 175.130) for recreational marine vessels 16 ft and over signals when combined with the included Distress Flag.


A quality Marine whistle is included to fulfill USCG audible signal requirements.

Visible up to 10 Miles

The optical design provides an omnidirectional light display for surface rescue craft and a vertical beam visible to aircraft flying overhead.


Customer Review


Solid piece of equipment

I was looking for a higher-tech approach to a marine distress signal flare, and I was pleased to find out that the Coast Guard has updated its carriage requirements to include bright flashing LED lights. The Sirius Signal distress signal has a solid feel to it. The...

by Courtney Holst, December 10, 2019


Amazing replacement for dangerous flares

This is a solid product. Assuming the batteries last for a good while (definitely should be checked every season and before going on a larger trip; also take spares) - this is a great substitute for old style flares that burn at high temperature, need to be replaced every...

by Clemens, May 3, 2020


It is a safe CG approved replacement for flares.

Flares are dangerous. They are expensive and only last for three years. If you ignite one in your boat you can easily start the boat on fire. If you hold it over the side of the boat you can only hold it about a minute before it is too hot to hold. I have a burn scar on...

by Philip L. Morgan, June 8, 2020


No Expiration

I figure it's worth not worrying about getting a ticket with expired flares. It will pay for itself after what would be a few purchase cycles of standard flares. I always keep and suggest holding on to your old flares they last a long time if kept dry. I just burned a few...

by Ignats, May 26, 2020


Device is great, batteries missing

Works fine but the Batteries were missing. Package was unbuttoned on one side so I suspect “shrinkage.” It uses C cells which aren’t expensive, but still should have received them. I’ll call the manufacturer about this issue but it appears to be useful since it...

by GF, April 3, 2020


Should be the requirement

Obviously priced to market not based on cost to produce, but a good USCG approves safety flare alternative. The thought of combustible flares on a gas powered vinyl & plastic boat is high risk. This product is much safer, longer duration and should be the required equipment

by Jim M, June 26, 2020


SOS light is best

Bright and last much much longer flares, safer too. USCG approver.

by JRC, January 20, 2020


Better than Flares

This is a Great product. It certainly beats flares that expire. The price is about the same as flares so I waited until my flares expired before I bought the Sirius Signal SOS. I think it is more expensive than it needs to be. However, it will be cheaper in the long run...

by Amazon Customer, July 1, 2020

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