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The Rag Company - Ultra Black Foam Sponge - for Detailing and Car Washing, Perfect for Both Rinseless and Soap Washes, Softer Feel, Ergonomic Shape

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OMR 12.385

  • ☑️ EFFICIENT ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Easier To Hold And Softer Feel Delivers Increased Performance
  • ☑️ ADVANCED FOAM CELL STRUCTURE: Excellent With Both Rinseless AND Soap Washes. Upgrade From Older Red Sponge Technology Only Designed For Rinseless Washes
  • ☑️ EASY CARE & EXTREME DURABILITY: With Proper Care, The Ultra Black Sponge Can Deliver Hundreds Of Uses
  • ☑️ AMERICA'S PREMIER MICROFIBER & Detailing Products Manufacturer / Distributor Since 1999. THE RAG COMPANY - Always The Better Value!

The Rag Company's exclusive ULTRA BLACK SPONGE represents the latest in foam technology and an evolution in design based upon the famous Big Red Sponge!

The new ergonomic shape makes it much easier to hold for all hand sizes resulting in an increase of performance for everybody. Add a softer feel, easy care, increased durability and the ability to use with both Rinseless AND Soap Washes and you have simply the best wash sponge available ANYWHERE!

The ULTRA BLACK SPONGE is available EXCLUSIVELY From The Rag Company, a world-leader in automotive detailing microfiber and other quality detailing products.

The Rag Company

America's Premier Manufacturer and Distributor of Microfiber since 1999

The Rag Company is a family-owned, woman-owned business proud to offer great quality, value, and variety.

All products are proudly designed, packaged, and distributed in the USA.

See the many other professional-quality microfiber towels and products available from The Rag Company!


Customer Review


Can now be used with soap, smooth on the paint, easy to care for.

Tried this on a few cars, including a dark color. Did a great job getting the surface clean, and rinsed freely with each squeeze into the bucket. Didn't notice any additional marring or swirls compared to a mitt wash. Really wish it was yellow/orange, or a light...

by VideoVince, July 2, 2020


works well

Love the shape and size of the new addition, works well for my rinse less tasing routine. I do not and will never use it on a heavily soiled vehicle so it should last a long time. Difficult to see the soil on it but very easy to see it working and the sediment and debris in...

by neil griffin, October 26, 2020


Versatile detailing sponge for all types of washing

I am very happy with this sponge. I used this sponge for a rinse less wash and it worked very well.Very smooth on the paint and it held a good amount of soap and water. The shape fits nicely in your hand.

by Kevin M Fitzpatrick, March 22, 2021



It does not pick up the dirt really good and leaves residue and water spots! I would not recommend it.

by KIVANC, July 18, 2020


Ultra Black Sponge works great for rinseless washing!

The Ultra Black Sponge fits my hand perfectly and is much easier to use than the Big Red Sponge. I used the Ultra Black Sponge for rinseless washing my Deep Sea Blue BMW and it fits in spots That were hard to reach before.

by Dave Achen, August 20, 2020


Good as advertised

Definitely recommend for rinse-less washes

by M. Hill, June 3, 2021


dirt will NOT be able to cling!

dirt will NOT be able to cling to this sponge when you go back to the bucket! perfect for rinseless wash but also car soap compatible!

by Joel, June 18, 2021


My new rinseless car wash sponge

It arrived as advertised. It’s just a high quality black washing sponge automobiles

by Mark Guidry, August 5, 2020

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